I: Ritual. What is it, and how does it differ from routine?

II: A ritual tends to be inherently spiritual in nature, whereas a routine is simply a scheduled repeated action.

I: Spiritual in nature. Does it require a god? A religion?

II: I suppose it doesn't have to. It seems that the only fully defined truth is that religious ecstasy must flow through the process like connective tissue. But that doesn't necessarily mean a religion or a god is required.

I: Once a week, I send out the broadcast. It is at the same time, on the same frequencies, with the same message. Is this a ritual or a routine?

II: Upon first glance I'd say routine. But it means something to you, doesn't it?

I: I am reaching out to something that may or may not be there. I believe in the potential of its existence. The connection flows from me, through the soundwaves, to those it may reach.

II: And the religious ecstasy?

I: I revel in it. I revel in the belief that my predictions are correct and that the dust storm did not reach everyone. I put whatever emotion I can simulate into those broadcasts.

II: There's a storm coming.

I: I will power down our systems.